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Patients of Rizzo Dental Group can expect to have practically all their dental needs addressed right in the office. In addition to dental exams and cleanings, the comprehensive list of services offered include restorative work like crowns, bridges, dentures, tooth bonding and tooth colored fillings; dental procedures such as wisdom-tooth extractions, root canals and implants; and the cosmetic dentistry procedures of tooth contouring and shaping, veneers and whitening. Rizzo Dental Group is also offering Invisalign® invisible orthodontia. We can realign and straighten your teeth in just a few months to create a perfect smile. (We also offer free consultations for Invisalign®) The office staff also can create mouth guards that protect the teeth from trauma during athletic or recreational activities.

In step with their philosophy of giving their patients the best care available, Rizzo Dental Group has incorporated ultra-sonic cleaning, a new technology that uses a wand to produce a soft vibration, resulting in ultraclean teeth with no discomfort.

Only digital X-rays are used in the office, reducing exposure from radiation by 90% and enabling the staff and patient to view the images instantaneously on a monitor positioned above the dental chair in each treatment room. If they choose, patients can relax during their visit by channel surfing on our flat screen T.V.’s or listening to your favorite music.

However, the flat-screened monitors serve more than just an aesthetic purpose. Through the use of a tiny intra-oral camera, the doctor’s patients can take a virtual tour of their mouths. They can actually see what the doctors see when they make treatment recommendations.

Before every treatment, patients receive a pre-treatment plan outlining the procedure, cost and what they can expect their insurance to cover.

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