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Educated first at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute, where he obtained a bachelor degree in finance, Dr. William Rizzo…

Dr. Jeffrey S. Rizzo DMD

Dr. Jeffrey Rizzo graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, with a degree in Management Science, and…

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As people continue to move into the Southwest area of Orlando, they are faced with a long list of things to do before becoming completely settled into their new surroundings. Checking out the schools, locating the nearest grocery store, and even joining a gym are all important parts of getting connected.

Although often assigned a lower priority, one of the first items on the list should be to find a good Dentist in Orlando. Maintaining healthy oral hygiene, as well as having scheduled exams, is a must to ward off potentially life-threatening, expensive dental-health problems. However, choosing a dentist is not a task to take lightly; and given the many providers out there, the process can be daunting. Recommendations from friends and families are the ideal way to find a dental practice‚ and knowing someone who has had a pleasant experience goes a long way in easing the anxiety of picking a dentist.

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Kathy Brennan

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Janie Vega

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Rizzo Dental Group VIP Savings Plan
Rizzo Dental Group VIP Savings Plan

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