A smile, like a snowflake, is unique. No one in the world has a smile exactly like yours. In some cases, that may be a good thing. Teeth are also one of the first attributes people notice when meeting a new person. Both unfortunately and fortunately, first impressions tend to stick in people’s mind. It’s part of the strange psychological makeup humans have. Studies say within the blink of an eye a person sizes up a new individual, in terms of trustworthiness and attractiveness. That’s a short period of time to make a lasting impression, especially if you’re embarrassed of your snaggletooth smile.

In the past, if your teeth resembled Austin Powers there were a limited number of options. In fact, there was only one option: get braces and feel like a middle schooler for at least a year. Even dentists understand that braces, as an adult, aren’t what you could call a “good look.” Thankfully, the technology for braces has grown leaps and bounds since the days of metal mouth or nothing. Invisalign: They Easy Way To A Million Dollar Smile 1

Today, not only are clear braces available but the process has been streamlined and improved to ensure effectiveness. No longer do you have to hide your misaligned teeth or live in a cave until traditional braces have done the job. If you’ve ever wanted to smile with confidence but couldn’t pull the trigger on traditional braces, read on.



How They Work:

Invisalign looks a lot like the mouth pieces that Steph Curry toys with while he dominates the NBA. Except Invisalign is clear and less noticeable. Curry’s mouthguard is designed to protect his teeth, therefore, it’s thicker and more noticeable. Invisalign: They Easy Way To A Million Dollar Smile 2

Invisalign fit tightly over your teeth and slowly change the position of your teeth in the appropriate direction. Each week you’ll receive a new set of aligners that will gradually turn even British level crooked teeth into a 1000 mega-watt smile that will elicit double-takes.

During the alignment process the trays should be worn as much as possible, only to be taken out for eating, or brushing your teeth. The duration of the process depends on how consistently you wear them and how misaligned your teeth were at the start. Lengths of time vary from 6 weeks to 6 months. Once that dazzling smile is in place, you’ll only be required to wear a retainer at night.

A smile is a precious gift, one that isn’t doled out equally. Some people are born with a smile that can light up the room. Others of us could shoot water out of the gaps in our teeth as kids. No longer do you have to feel envious of those whose brilliant smile enlists people’s attention. Now a memory searing smile is a short, painless process away. Check our website for more information on how to change your smile today.