Did you know that the human tongue has between and 3,000 and 10,000 taste buds? How ‘bout that.   The truth of the matter is we take our tongues for granted.  The pink muscle in our mouth helps us talk, taste, kiss and insult each other yet; the stars of oral hygiene are your teeth and gums.  It’s about time the tongue got some shine.  Here are three reasons to pamper your mouth muscle, known as your tongue.

Bad Breath Can Ruin Relationships:

Ever notice a layer of white gunk on your tongue that is easy to scrape off?  That is a build up bacteria, dead cells and potential yeast, which could cause significant issues if left to its own devices. Unsurprisingly, that white layer doesn’t smell good and can produce the love killing death breath known as halitosis.  There is also a condition called Hairy Tongue, which occurs when normal papillae grow long. Initially harmless, Hairy Tongue, if left unchecked, can result in yeast and protein build up akin to an afro growing on your tongue.  The pictures are traumatizing. There is no circumstance where bad breath is advantageous, and Hairy Tongue should be avoided like the plague, so whether you use a toothbrush or a tongue scraper, get rid of that odor-causing layer.

You Enjoy The Taste of Food

Another benefit of cleaning your tongue is enhanced taste.  Have you ever tried to smell daisies in a field of manure?  It isn’t the cherry blossom festival.  If you don’t clean your tongue, that perfectly cooked fillet mignon might as well be raw.  By spending a minute each day cleaning off your tongue, your taste buds will reward you by appreciating food as you never have before.  The layer of crud that covers your tongue effectively jams the signal coming from delicious food to taste buds.  Cleaner tongue, tastier food!

You Don’t Enjoy Being Sick

Like it or not, the tongue is one of the fastest ways to absorb something into your body.  That is why many medicines are dissolved under your tongue.  It goes straight into the bloodstream. However, our tongue’s technology is not yet advanced enough to discern between what it should and shouldn’t absorb.  Many times when a person is sick, their mouth becomes a biohazard.  All the coughing, phlegm, and other germs can create additional bacteria in your mouth.  All that, if not removed, can then be reabsorbed through the fastest means in your body. By scraping your tongue, you are removing harmful toxins from the system, thus improving your immune system!

Oral hygiene generally focuses on your teeth and gums for good reason.  The cracks between your teeth and their large surface areas are perfect places for plaque and bacteria to grow. Everybody understands this and that’s why brushing and flossing are so important.  However, if you don’t like having death breath, if you don’t prefer eating in the vicinity of a cow, or if don’t like getting sick, take care of that tongue.